Monday, September 29, 2008

My Kind of Breakfast

You know when you were little and you thought to yourself, "Hey, I like peanut butter, and I like pickles...I think a peanut butter and pickle sandwich would be awesome." (I still love those by the way.)
Well this is like that. Some breakfast executive thought, "Hmmm...pancakes and sausage are good but so hard to eat. Maybe we could put them on a stick so that you don't have to burn any calories cutting them up. But we're still missing some fat know what kids like? Chocolate chips. Let's chuck some of those in too. And voila!"

I hope to find these at Bashas this week.

Sometimes You Need a Break

   You know the feeling...long day with nothing exciting going on. You've looked at every website in your favorites list. You've stalked everybody's blog you know. Now what?
   Well, there is a plethora of fun, exciting, interesting, messed up stuff out there. So the stuff I find to break up my day, I'll stick on here to give you the same opportunity.
   Disclaimer: Some of this may be stupid to you or offensive or juvenile or whatever but if it makes me laugh, it makes the blog. Enjoy!